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Essentially follow the process found here: http://www.itk.org/Wiki/index.php?title=ParaView/PCL_Plugin/Download_And_Build_Instructions&oldid=47996 However, there are a few modifications, the plugin install will only work with ParaView 3.12 and PCL 1.5.1, so if you don’t have these versions, you will need to install these and even if you do, you might have to install from source in order to change a few cmake settings.

This will take a while - depending on your machine. On the two I built, the first was about 2 hours and the second was about an hour. The executable paraview file will be in /home/ParaView-3.12.0/build/bin

If you add export PATH=/home/ParaView-3.12.0/build/bin/:$PATH to your ~/.bashrc file, then you just need to type “paraview” in the terminal to start the program

This took about 50 minutes.

Then assuming you edited your .bashrc, you can just type paraview in the terminal and ParaView will start. Lastly, go to Tools->Manage Plugins

Now you can import point cloud data, and use the PCL algorithms which are found under Filters, Point Cloud Library.

2024-07-20 12:34