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ROS-Industrial Videos

The following videos are presented in chronological order (most recent first).

ROS-I Five Years Montage

Robotic Blending Milestone 4 Progress March 2017

ROS Testing, Continuous Integration, and Deployment RIC Web Meeting

ROS-I Global Community Web Meeting 10 Jan 2017

"Twist Control" with the SCHUNK LWA 4D

ROS-I Community Meeting June 2016

QT Creator IDE Plug-in for ROS

Low Cost Localization with the Industrial Calibration Library

David Sensor Extrinsic Calibration

Robotic Product Singulation Testbed

Human-centered Teleoperation for High-precision Tasks aka “Thread the Needle”

ROS-I Community Meeting 23 February 2016

ROS-I Community Meeting 12 December 2015

Blue WorkForce Ragnar ROS-I Driver

ROSCon 2015 Hamburg: Day 2 - Shaun Edwards: The Descartes Planning Library for Semi-Constrained Cartesian Trajectories

ROSCon 2015 Hamburg: Day 2 - Mirko Bordignon, Shaun Edwards: Bringing ROS to the factory floor

Task-Aware Teleoperation - Delaunay

Automatic 3D path planning with 3D scanning

STOMP for Indigo Presentation from the MoveIt! Community Meeting 3 Sept. 2015

Advanced Simulation of ROS in Process Simulate

Scan-N-Scan for Robotic Blending Milestone 3

Announcing PROFINET Support

Euler Mobile Manipulator

Descartes Cartesian Planner

Shaun Edwards Presents Descartes Planner at ROS-I Community Meeting Jan 2015

Industrial Calibration Library - Camera Array Calibration Demo

ROS-Industrial Consortium Overview 2015

ROS-I 3-Yrs. Montage

Focused Community Meeting: Kuka LBR iiwa March 5, 2015

Community Meeting 29 January, 2015

ROS-I Package Singulation

Demonstration of the Fraunhofer IPA ROS-I Driver for Yaskawa Motoman Dual Arm Robots

Demonstrating the Integration of ROS with Siemens’ Process Simulate

Alten Mechatronics Applies Robotic Technology in FEI Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM)

Community Meeting 13 September, 2014

Calibration Library Presentation

Calibration Library Update

Cartesian Path Planning Plug-In for MoveIt!

Path Planning Optimization FTP

2nd ROS-Industrial Community Forum

Industrial Extrinsic Calibration

Plastic Crate Depalletizing Using a Lightweight Robot

ROS-I Training Class Application

Multiscale Teleoperation Demo

ROS-Industrial Virtual Forum

Alten Mechatronics Palletizing Demonstration

ROS-Industrial - MTConnect Bridge (Short)

ROS-I ROSCon 2013 Demo

ROS-Industrial 1-Yr. Montage

Human Tracking

ROS-Industrial Edge Following from CAD-Generated Path Data

Interoperability Demonstration: Cluttered Pile Picking, Sorting

ROS-Industrial Pick and Place with 3D Vision

ROS-Industrial Consortium Prezi

ROS-Industrial Consortium

Southwest Research Institute is initiating the ROS-Industrial Consortium to develop enabling robotic technologies in areas such as material handling, assembly and surface processing.

Pick and Place Demonstration

Southwest Research Institute recently used ROS-Industrial to demonstrate advanced pick and place applications using an industrial robot arm. SwRI recently established ROS-Industrial Software Repository, a BSD-licensed ROS stack that will contain libraries, tools and drivers for industrial automation hardware. ROS-Industrial resources can be found at http://code.google.com/p/swri-ros-pkg/.

ROS-Industrial Integrated w Another Robot

ROS-Industrial control demonstrated on Adept robot. Same ROS software used to control Motoman robot.

Repository Announcement

This video is the first implementation of an industrial robot under ROS-Industrial control. The SIA10D robot from Yaskawa Motoman is receiving position commands and providing position feedback over Ethernet from a PC running ROS. The ROS planning environment (visualized in Rviz) captures the physical geometry of the robot cell by combing several data sources including CAD models, simplified representations, and sensor data (not shown). ROS path planning software generates collision free robot paths within the planning environment. The results of the path planning are shown in the visualization and are executed directly on robot hardware. The complex, collision free, path-planning capability is in part enabled by redundancy and configuration of the SIA robot. This is just the first of new capabilities enabled by ROS-Industrial. By leveraging even more complex ROS abilities, like dynamic pick and place functions, many new and previously impossible applications will be realized.

Program Introduction

SwRI is adapting ROS open source code for industrial robots to launch ROS Industrial, a new body of open source applications.

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