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Installation instructions for Hydro Medusa in Ångström

The Ångström distribution is a Linux distribution for a variety of embedded devices. The distribution is the result of a unification of developers from the OpenZaurus, OpenEmbedded, and OpenSIMpad projects. Ångström is a distribution that aims at fitting on a small NAND. It's designed for ARM devices, and choose the best solution for this architecture.

Installing from the Ångström feed

Last version of Ångström is recommended.

ROS packages for Hydro are already available at the Ångström feed. This script installs all the necessary packages to run roscore (30 minutes):

git clone git://github.com/vmayoral/beagle-ros
cd beagle-ros/scripts
source ./minimal-ros-install-angstrom.sh

Restart and run roscore.

Cross-compiling ROS packages

Another option is to cross-compile all the packages by yourself, transfer them to your machine and install them through opkg:

MACHINE=<your-machine> bitbake -k roscreate rosboost-cfg rosunit roslib rosbash rosbuild roslang rosmake rosclean rospack roscpp-traits rostime roscpp-serialization rosmsg rosout rostopic rospy rosbag rosgraph rosmaster rosconsole roslaunch rosnode rosparam rosgraph-msgs rostest roscpp rosservice roswtf class-loader xeyes actionlib nodelet catkin python-rosdep python-rospkg python-catkin-pkg python-rosinstall

<your-machine> corresponds to the system you are running. e.g. beaglebone.

  • Copy the packages generated under setup-scripts/build/tmp-eglibc/deploy/ipk/armv7a-vfp-neon (this path could change depending on your configuration) install them in your system.

  • Configure the shell according to this script.

  • Restart
  • run roscore.

This installation has initially been tested in the BeagleBone and in the BeagleBone Black but it could probably run in a variety of systems.


2024-06-22 12:32