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Wiki Mirrors

Mirrors of the ROS wiki act as a backup when the main site is unavailable, and may provide faster access to users who are geographically closer to the mirror. Current mirrors:

Query status of all mirrors

Debian Repository Mirrors

You will find Debian repository mirrors here: ROS/Installation/UbuntuMirrors

Creating a mirror

If you are maintaining a mirror please join the Mirrors category on discourse.ros.org: http://discourse.ros.org/c/mirrors for both feedback and prompt updates.

All in 1 Mirror

If you want to setup a machine to mirror the wiki, docs, and packages.ros.org follow these instructions to use puppet to setup your server.


Mirroring the wiki

This makes the assumption you're running a webserver in /var/www/wiki.ros.org.

Setup rsync

To create a mirror of the wiki. We have setup rsync servers for docs.ros.org and wiki.ros.org.

echo Downloading Wiki-Dump
rsync -azv rsync.osuosl.org::ros_wiki_mirror /var/www/wiki.ros.org --bwlimit=200 --delete

Make timestamp available to the ros wiki

Make sure that your webserver supports sending the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header for the wikidump.timestamp file.

Mirroring docs.ros.org

This makes the assumption you're running a webserver in /var/www/docs.ros.org

echo Downloading API-Dump
rsync -azv rsync.osuosl.org::ros_docs_mirror /var/www/docs.ros.org --bwlimit=200 --copy-unsafe-links --delete

It's recommended to put these jobs into a cron job. Probably once a day is adequate.

Mirroring packages.ros.org mirror

To create a mirror of packages.ros.org it is recommended to use apt-mirror. There are many guides online how to setup an apt mirror. Such as this one from howtoforge. There's a ROS specific answer on answers.ros.org.

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