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Quori is a novel, affordable, modular hardware and accompanying low-level software platform for enabling non-contact human-robot interaction research.



For information on getting started with Quori (including configuration and sample launch files), see quori_bringup.

Operating System Images

The unit comes fully assembled and tested with Ubuntu 20.04, ROS Noetic, and additional software packages preinstalled. Should you desire to reinstall the operating system, the Quori project provides custom images of Ubuntu 20.04 with these dependencies preinstalled.

The latest operating system image is Qubuntu 1.0.6.

For detailed installation instructions, please view the Qubuntu repository's README.

Software Overview

1. Embedded Software

Quori uses three Arduino-compatible microcontrollers for motor control (not including the RAMSIS base). The source code for the microcontrollers can be found in the quori_embedded repository.

2. Sensor Software

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