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RoboSavvy Self-balancing robotic platform

A robust, reliable and flexible self-balancing mobile platform for robotic applications.

This platform provides researchers, engineers and hackers the ability to easily design their robotic application on top of a modular hardware interface. The user can quickly develop and integrate their own hardware, integrate sensors, manipulators, other types of payload and third party equipment on top of the platform.



You can find tutorials on how to configure your software to run the platform and on how to use the simulated RoboSavvy's self-balance platform.

All packages were developed and tested on Ubuntu 16.04 + ROS Kinetic.

Required Package


Simulation Packages (outdated)

The packages below are outdated and should not be used for simulation for platforms shipped after September 2017. We are currently working on new simulation packages.

rsv_balance: rsv_balance_description rsv_balance_msgs

rsv_balance_simulator: rsv_balance_gazebo rsv_balance_gazebo_control

rsv_balance_desktop: rsv_balance_viz rsv_balance_rqt

RoboSavvy is a manufacturer of mobile robots and robot systems.

Robosavvy Self-balance platform

ROS packages can be found on RoboSavvy's repository

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