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Running a Pre-Release Test

Prereleases for Indigo and all subsequent distributions are done with Docker containers. This allows you to run the prerelease locally, but without complicated setup or with fear of your system being changed or affecting the prerelease test.

Setup your computer for prerelease test (needed only one time)

To run a prerelease, first setup your system to run prereleases by following the instructions here:


Running prerelease test

Once you've done that, use the prerelease website to help you generate a command to run the prerelease: http://prerelease.ros.org/

For more in depth, see regression_tests#Running_the_Prerelease


If the prerelease fails you can check the troubleshooting section on this page:


Note: Pre-releases are only supported for maintained ROS distributions.

2024-06-22 12:37