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Releasing into a new ROS Distribution

The context of this tutorial is that you have previously released a catkin package or third party package into a previous version of ROS, e.g. you have released repository foo into groovy, but now want to release it for hydro.

Running bloom-release

The only command you need to run is:

Where foo is the name of the repository you want to release, --track hydro indicates that you want the track name to be "hydro", --rosdistro hydro indicates that this release is for the "hydro" distro, and --new-track tells bloom that it should create the specified track and edit it before trying to do the release.

Configuring your new Track

bloom will now fetch the release repository, and ensure that you have commit access (for when you push back at the end). Then it will create the track you specified, or edit it if it already exists, by asking you a series of questions.

The first question you'll want to modify is the 'Devel Branch' option, which is the branch on which bloom searches for the appropriate version to release, so if you have a separate branch on which you release hydro from then put that here.

Next you will want to update the ROS distro you are releasing for when prompted for this.

Finishing the Release

Once you have finished configuring the track, bloom will do the release and open a pull request on your behalf.

If the pull request did not succeed or you skipped it on purpose, then you will just need to update the ROS distro file manually for the ROS distribution you are releasing for, see: http://ros.org/wiki/bloom/Tutorials/ReleaseCatkinPackage#Notifying_the_Build_Farm

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