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Catkin Tutorials

  1. Creating a workspace for catkin

    This tutorial covers how to setup a catkin workspace in which one or more catkin packages can be built.

  2. Creating a ROS Package

    How to create a new ROS package using catkin.

  3. Building and using catkin packages in a workspace

    How to use catkin_make to build and install packages from source in a catkin workspace.

  4. Overlaying with catkin workspaces

    Describes how to overlay a catkin workspace on to an existing system for development and testing.

More tutorials are included in the API documentation and can be found at http://docs.ros.org/api/catkin/html/

Migrating from rosbuild

  1. Developing rosbuild packages on top of groovy

    Developing rosbuild packages on top of catkin workspaces.

  2. Switching from rosbuild to catkin

    How to change packages to be catkin-based.

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