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Only released in EOL distros:  

yujin_ocs: cmd_vel_mux | yocs_controllers | yocs_velocity_smoother

Package Summary

A multiplexer for command velocity inputs. Arbitrates incoming cmd_vel messages from several topics, allowing one topic at a time to command the robot, based on priorities. It also deallocates current allowed topic if no messages are received after a configured timeout. All topics, together with their priority and timeout are configured through a YAML file, that can be reload at runtime.

  • Maintainer status: developed
  • Maintainer: Jorge Santos Simon <jorge AT yujinrobot DOT com>
  • Author: Jorge Santos Simon <jorge AT yujinrobot DOT com>
  • License: BSD
  • Source: git https://github.com/yujinrobot/yujin_ocs.git (branch: groovy-devel)

New in groovy

/!\ Since Hydro the package is renamed to yocs_cmd_vel_mux.

<<Include: execution failed [No module named neo_cgi] (see also the log)>>


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