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Alica is a framework for modelling and controlling the behaviour of multiple robots. The stack consists of:

Alica is a completely distributed framework featuring:

For communication between the robots we suggest a multi-master solution to avoid central components. The udp_proxy_generator constitutes a simple solution.

Alica is used and actively developed by the RoboCup MSL team Carpe Noctem. A comprehensive publication will be available soon.


Environment Variable

Alica assumes the following environment variables to be set:

Configuration Files

The runtime uses two configuration files. Examples can be found in AlicaEngine/configuration. These are meant to be placed in ES_ROOT/etc.


A tutorial package will be available soon.

Since Alica is a domain independent framework, it does not make any assumptions about your system or your representation of the environment. In order to employ Alica run robots in a concrete scenario the following components need to be developed:

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