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Currently tags include:

Note that trunk has no guarantees about being fit for consumption.



The simplest way to test drive eros in an existing ros tree is to check it out directly from svn.

cd ..
svn co https://code.ros.org/svn/eros/tags/diamondback ./eros

You should then add the eros root directory to ROS_PACKAGE_PATH in setup.sh. Simply replace tags/diamondback with trunk if you wish to download the development release.


You can also overlay eros on top of your current rosinstalled tree with one of the eros rosinstallers:

To overlay on top of a rosinstalled workspace in /opt/ros, simply:

rosinstall /opt/ros eros_diamondback.rosinstall

If you create your own .rosinstall files, just append the contents of one of the above installers to your own rosinstall file.


To use the eros python tools, simply append the following line to your setup.sh:

echo "export PATH=`rospack find eros_python_tools`/scripts:\${PATH}" >> setup.sh

2024-06-08 13:13