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Only released in EOL distros:  

hrl_behaviors: hrl_behavior_manager | hrl_clickable_behaviors | hrl_clickable_world | hrl_move_floor_detect | hrl_table_detect | pr2_approach_table | pr2_collision_monitor | pr2_grasp_behaviors

Package Summary

Contains a visual "clickable-world" interface for semi-autonomous control.



A visual GUI is provided to the user which displays an image feed but overlays it with various colored polygons detailing locations for controlling the robot. This work continues the research and philosophy first implemented on Georgia Tech's El-E mobile manipulator which used a laser pointer to allow users to designate points in the world in a similar fashion. This package contains the interface and behavior management system which is designed so developers can easily integrate their own behaviors into the interface.

Running the Interface

Running the launch file behavior_manager_test.launch will provide a simple demo which creates a hypothetical plane in front of the robot. The user interface is run on a network machine with a display by launching clickable_world_UI.launch.

How to Use

The file behavior_types_simple.yaml illustrates how the interface is designed to be used. Every behavior has 4 parameters and is designed to work similar to a STRIPS planner, except the task order is chosen by the user. The list of currently enabled behaviors is kept in behavior_names.

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