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hrl-haptic-manip: hrl_common_code_darpa_m3 | hrl_fabric_based_tactile_sensor | hrl_haptic_manipulation_in_clutter_msgs | hrl_haptic_manipulation_in_clutter_srvs | hrl_haptic_mpc | hrl_meka_skin_sensor_darpa_m3 | hrl_motion_planners_darpa_m3 | hrl_software_simulation_darpa_m3 | m3skin_calibration | m3skin_ros | m3skin_rviz_demo | m3skin_viz

Package Summary

Model Predictive Controller that uses feedback from whole-arm tactile sensing to reach to a goal location while controlling contact forces across the entire arm. The code in this package is a heavy refactoring and improvement of the code originally written while developing the controller as detailed in this publication: "Reaching in Clutter with Whole-Arm Tactile Sensing", International Journal of Robotics Research, 2013. The authors of the first revision of the code were Advait Jain, Marc D. Killpack, and Prof. Charlie Kemp (advisor and co-author).


This package contains the core Model-Predictive Control functionality for the Healthcare Robotics Lab's work on Haptic Manipulation. Please see here for details.

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