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Only released in EOL distros:  

iri_perception_filters: average_point_cloud_node | handeye_log | iri_feature_map | iri_filter_jump_edge | iri_filter_pointcloud2_z_value | iri_filter_table | iri_finddd | iri_objectcount | iri_opencv_filters | iri_opencv_filters2 | iri_pcl_app | iri_pcl_filters | iri_plane_segmentation_pcl_rgb | iri_sift | iri_vws | iri_wrinkled_map | normal_descriptor_node

Package Summary

iri_plane_segmentation_pcl_rgb is a package for segmenting a plane given a pointcloud. It publishes a pointcloud with all points set to black except the ones belonging to the plane. Also publishes a image of the segmented pointcloud. By modifing its parameters, it can include or remove objects that are on the plane.


2024-05-18 13:09