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Only released in EOL distros:  

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Package Summary

This is the software associated with the following papers:

V. Ila, J.M. Porta and J. Andrade-Cetto.
Information-based compact Pose SLAM.
IEEE Transactions on Robotics, 26(1): 78-93, 2010.

V. Ila, J.M. Porta and J. Andrade-Cetto.
Amortized constant time state estimation in Pose SLAM and hierarchical SLAM using a mixed Kalman-information filter.
Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 59(5): 310-318, 2011.

R. Valencia, M. Morta, J. Andrade-Cetto and J.M. Porta.
Planning reliable paths with Pose SLAM.
IEEE Transactions on Robotics, 29(4): 1050-1059, 2013.

The Matlab code related to this package is in:
Matlab toolbox for PoseSLAM or straight code.tar.gz

These are the Spanish national projects that have made possible this software:
PAU: Percepción y acción ante incertidum/bre
PAU+: Perception and Action in Robotics Problems with Large State Spaces


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