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Only released in EOL distros:  

iri_wam: iri_bhand | iri_bhand_description | iri_bhand_simulator | iri_wam_arm_navigation | iri_wam_base | iri_wam_bringup | iri_wam_cartesian_planning | iri_wam_common_msgs | iri_wam_controller | iri_wam_description | iri_wam_dmp_tracker | iri_wam_ik | iri_wam_move_arm | iri_wam_simulator | iri_wam_tcp_ik | iri_wam_tutorial | iri_wam_wrapper

Package Summary

This package contain the configurations files necessary to execute arm_navigation stack with the phisics and simulated WAm. The main file is iri_wam_arm_navigation.launch. The other files are generated with wizard of ROS and are totally necessary to correct execution of arm navigation stack.


IRI_WAM_ARM_NAVIGATION provides the configuration necessary to run the arm_navigation stack

External Documentation

For a complete documentation, please visit the IRI ROS WAM page.


Bug reporting instructions and feedback mail address can be found at IRI Robotics Lab support page

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