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= Keyboard Teleoperation via Twist Messages =


keyboardteleopjs is a tool that allows for an easy way to create keyboard bindings to teleoperate a robot. The main widget binds a series of keyboard keys that will send geometry_msgs/Twist messages to a specified ROS topic. keyboardteleopjs is developed as part of the Robot Web Tools effort.


API Documentation

JSDoc for the project is available on the Robot Web Tools website.

CDN Releases

This project is released on a CDN as part of the Robot Web Tools effort. The following is a list of the available revisions:

Source Code

Source code is available at https://github.com/wpi-rail/keyboardteleopjs. Pull requests should be made to the develop branch. This project follows the ROS JavaScript Style Guide.


  1. Creating a Basic Teleop Widget with Speed Control

    This tutorial shows you how to create a simple teleop widget where the speed can be controlled via a JQuery UI slider.

Example Video


Please send bug reports to the GitHub Issue Tracker. Feel free to contact me at any point with questions and comments.



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