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Errors when using package

Error importing NaoQI. Please make sure that Aldebaran's NaoQI API is in your PYTHONPATH.

nao_walker or nao_sensors complain that they could not import NaoQI and exit.

Solution: The Python nodes assume that you have added Aldebaran's Python API to your PYTHONPATH environment variable to import them. Make sure that you have the Python SDK (and not the C++ SDK) in your PYTHONPATH environment variable, starting with NaoQI version 1.12 and 1.14.

Error: "Connection refused" / Could not create Proxy to ...

nao_walker or nao_sensors complain that they could not create a proxy e.g. to ALMotion or ALMemory and exit. Aldebaran's NaoQI might output more error messages to the console:



Error 28 fault: SOAP-ENV:Server [no subcode] / "Address already in use"

Starting the nao_driver.launch file with nao_walker, nao_sensors, and nao_controller directly exits because one of the nodes quits immediately ('Port not free. Another broker is using this port.')



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