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  1. Setup RobotOperator for obstacle avoidance

    This will show how to use the Operator-Node to control a mobile robot in a planar environment. For demonstration the robot simulator Stage will be used. After completion it will be possible to control the robot with a joystick while it actively avoids all obstacles.

  2. Use the Navigator-Node to navigate on a given map.

    The tutorial will show how to setup a map server to provide a a-priori map, a Monte-Carlo-Localizer to track the robots position and the Navigator to do a simple path planning.

  3. Setup MultiMapper to generate a map while driving.

    This will show to setup the graph-based SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) for map generation.

  4. Build a map with multiple robots simultaneously

    This will show how to setup multiple robots in Stage, virtually connect them via ROS-topics and setup multiple mapper instances to generate a distributed map.

  5. Implement your own exploration strategy

    Write a plugin for the RobotNavigator using the pluginlib-interface to implement a cooperative exploration strategy.

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