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The raptor_dbw metapackage is a collection of packages for interacting with the New Eagle Raptor DBW controllers. The primary goal of this stack is to facilitate ROS-based DBW kit development and provide a set of ROS-CAN interface tools.

The current development branch is master and targets ROS kinetic and melodic.

For more on New Eagle Raptor controllers see: https://store.neweagle.net/product/1793-196-1503-general-control-module-raptor/


Installing and building

Official Release

(Coming soon)

Building from source

While we are working on releasing these packages through the ROS buildfarm, you can build them from source using a catkin workspace and following these steps:

  1. Create and initialize a new catkin workspace if you don't already have one. Instructions below assume the workspace was created in catkin_ws.
  2. cd catkin_ws/src
  3. git clone https://github.com/NewEagleRaptor/raptor-dbw-ros.git

  4. cd ..
  5. catkin_make


Running the joystick demo


Report a Bug

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