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The rail_youbot stack contains packages and nodes that can be used to communicate with a Kuka youBot. These packages complement the packages released by Kuka available from the Kuka youBot store. Joystick teleoperation is provided in the rail_youbot_teleop package from the youbot_joy_teleop node. Custom URDF models used by the RAIL lab at WPI are provided in the rail_youbot_description package. The rail_youbot_launch package contains useful launch files that can be used to startup and interact with the youBot.



Before installing the rail_youbot stack, be sure to install the necessary dependencies. Instructions on installing the various youBot packages can be found in this tutorial.

To install the rail_youbot stack, simply run the following commands in your shell:


Additional information on each package's startup can be found in their respective package's wiki page.


  1. Upgrading the Kuka youBot to Fuerte

    This tutorial explains how to upgrade the youBot to run ROS Fuerte.

  2. Adding a User and Installing their Local Drivers

    This tutorial explains how to create a new user on the youBot and install the drivers on their local account.


Please send bug reports to the GitHub Issue Tracker. Feel free to contact me at any point with questions and comments.



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