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Package Summary

This package contains the different controllers and launch files for the RB1 BASE robot simulation.

RB1 BASE Gazebo

List of packages


This package contains the launch and configuration files to spawn the joint controllers with the ROS controller_manager. It allows to launch the joint controllers for the RB1 BASE.


This package contains the configuration files to launch the Gazebo environment along with the simulated robot.


Control the robot joints in all kinematic configurations, publishes odom topic and, if configured, also tf odom to base_link. Usually takes as input joystick commands and generates as outputs references for the gazebo controllers defined in rb1_base_control.


This package configures the move base stack and makes use of the gmapping and amcl algorithms to move the rb1_base robot.


This package contains the implemented pure pursuit algorithm for RB1 base.

Simulating RB1 BASE

1. Install the following dependencies:

2. Launch RB1 BASE simulation with:

3. Enjoy! You can use the topic "/rb1_base_control/cmd_vel" to control the RB1 BASE robot.

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