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Roboception Dynamics API

The rc_dynamics_api provides an API for easy handling of the dynamic-state data streams provided by Roboception's rc_visard stereo camera with self-localization.

Dynamic-state estimates of the rc_visard relate to its self-localization and ego-motion estimation. These states refer to rc_visard's current pose, velocity, or acceleration and are published on demand via several data streams. For a complete list and descriptions of these dynamics states and the respective data streams please refer to rc_visard's user manual.


Currently, the rc_dynamics_api comes with the following tool which is also meant as an example on how to use this API:


Connect with an rc_visard device and request a specific data stream. The received data messages containing aspects of rc_visard's dynamic state can be simply printed to std::out or saved as .csv-file.

Simplest example: Connect to rc_visard with specified IP address and request the 'imu' stream. A certain amount of messages are received and simply print to std::out

./tools/rcdynamics_stream -v -s imu

Different use case with more command line parameters: Connect to rc_visard with specified IP address and request the 'pose_rt' stream for 10 seconds. The client host's network interface to be used to receive the data is specified as 'eth0'. Messages are stored in the specified file as .csv-lines.

./tools/rcdynamics_stream -v -s pose_rt -i eth0 -a -t10 -o poses.csv

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