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Only released in EOL distros:  


Package Summary

The rms_rovio_environment package contains launch files that can be used to start RMS environment for the WowWee Rovio.


The rms_rovio_environment package contains launch files that can launch an example RMS environment for use with the rms. These files will launch the appropriate nodes to control and query the Rovio and start appropriate server nodes (e.g., rosbridge_server).



To install the rms_rovio_environment stack, you can choose to either install from source, or from the Ubuntu package:


To install from source, execute the following:

Ubuntu Package

To install the Ubuntu package, execute the following:


A launch file is included to launch the appropriate nodes to control the Rovio and accept remote client connections. In order to run this server, the launch files in the rovio_ctrl and rovio_av packages must be configured to work with your Rovio. Refer to the documentation provided on the their respective wiki pages to do so. When finished, you can launch the RMS environment server with the following command:


More detailed instructions are provided for installing, setting up, and running an instance of the Rovio RMS Environment server. For more information, start with the following tutorial:

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A full list of all RMS related tutorials is provided on the rms stack page.


Please send bug reports to the GitHub Issue Tracker. Feel free to contact me at any point with questions and comments.



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