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  1. Installation

    Installing the rocon_tools environment.

Service Pairs

  1. What are Service Pairs?

    Detailed explanation about service pairs.

  2. Create ServicePair Messages

    Create msgs from .pair definitions.

  3. Writing a ServicePair Server (Python)

    Simple example of a service pair server in python.

  4. Writing a ServicePair Client (Python)

    Simple example of a service pair client in python.

Rocon Launch

  1. Rocon Launch for Single Masters

    Spawn multiple roslaunch terminals working with a single master.

  1. Rocon Launch for Multiple Masters

    Spawn multiple roslaunch terminals over multiple ros masters.

Rocon Master Info

  1. Publishing Master Information

    Provide data about your ros master to clients that wish to introspect.

Rocon Interactions

  1. Getting Started

    A walkthrough of the rocon interactions concepts.

  2. Documentation Interactions

    Defining interactions pointing to documentation on the web.

  3. Qt Interactions

    Defining interactions for qt based frontends.

  4. Rviz Interactions

    Defining interactions for rviz configurations.

  5. Web App Interactions

    Defining interactions for web apps.

  6. Android Interactions

    Defining interactions that can launch android activities.

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