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<test> tag

The <test> tag is syntactically similar to the <node> tag. They both specify a ROS node to run, but the <test> tag indicates that the node is actually a test node to run. For more information about these test nodes, please see the rostest documentation.


<test test-name="test_1_2" pkg="mypkg" type="test_1_2.py" time-limit="10.0" args="--test1 --test2" />

Launches the "test_1_2" node using the test_1_2.py executable from the mypkg package with the command-line argument --test1 --test2. The test will be terminated as a failure if it takes longer than 10 seconds.


<test> tags share most of the normal <node> attributes, except:

It also adds several attributes, which are documented below.

Required attributes



Package of node.



Name of test for recording in test results.



Node type. There must be a corresponding executable with the same name.

Optional attributes



Node name. NOTE: name cannot contain a namespace. Use the ns attribute instead. If this attribute is not specified, value of test-name is used as node name

args="arg1 arg2 arg3"


Pass arguments to node.



Delete all parameters in the node's private namespace before launch.



If 'node', the working directory of the node will be set to the same directory as the node's executable. In C Turtle, the default is 'ROS_HOME'. In boxturtle (ROS 1.0.x), the default is 'ros-root'. The use of 'ros-root' is deprecated in cturtle.

launch-prefix="prefix arguments"


Command/arguments to prepend to node's launch arguments. This is a powerful feature that enables you to enable gdb, valgrind, xterm, nice, or other handy tools. See Roslaunch Nodes in Valgrind or GDB for examples.



Start the node in the 'foo' namespace.



Number of times to retry the test before it is considered a failure. Default is 0. This option is useful for stochastic processes that are sometimes expected to fail.



Number of seconds before the test is considered a failure. Default is 60 seconds. The time limit is reset after every retry.


You can use the following XML tags inside of a <test> tag||||

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