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The tutorials below show programs you can run on your embedded linux system that interact over the network (or serial port, if that's what you're using) with ROS running on your ROS workstation. You will need to modify each program to change the hard-coded IP address and replace it with the particular network name or address (or serial port name) of the system running the rosserial_python proxy on your network.

  1. Installing rosserial_embeddedlinux

    This tutorial shows how to set up the ROS environment, and gives some hints to consider when setting up your embedded linux development environment.

  2. Hello Ros (example publisher)

    This tutorial shows step by step how to create an example publisher

  3. Hello Embedded Linux (example subscriber)

    This tutorial shows how to make an embedded linux application subscribe to a topic published in ROS.

  4. Example service

    This tutorial shows how to make an embedded linux application offer a service to ROS service clients

  5. VEXPro servo position control example

    This tutorial shows how to use the VEXPro embedded linux system with the libqwerk library that exposes device I/O to applications, in order to control the position of a servo.

  6. VEXPro range motor control loop

    This tutorial describes how to use interrupts to accurately measure range using an ultrasonic rangefinder, then goes on to apply that in a motor control system with the loop controller running in a ROS node.

  7. rosserial_embeddedlinux Advanced Techniques

    This tutorial describes several advanced techniques for debugging problems or running or building the package different ways

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