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The Camera display creates a new rendering window from the perspective of a camera, and overlays the image from the camera on top of it. For this display to work properly the sensor_msgs/Image topic subscribed to must be part of a camera, and must have a sensor_msgs/CameraInfo topic named camera_info alongside it. For example:


The Camera display assumes a z-forward x-right frame, rather than the normal x-forward y-left robot frame.




Valid Values



The amount of transparency to apply to the image overlay



Image Topic

The sensor_msgs/Image topic to subscribe to. The display will automatically generate the sensor_msgs/CameraInfo topic based on the image topic.

Any valid Graph Resource Name

Empty String

Supported Image Encodings

rviz currently supports RGB8, RGBA8, BGR8, BGRA8, MONO8, MONO16, bayer encoded (treated as MONO8), 8UC4 and 8SC4 (treated as BGRA8), 8UC3 and 8SC3 (treated as BGR8), 8UC1 and 8SC1 (treated as MONO8), 16UC1 and 16SC1 (treated as MONO16).

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