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Error: Cannot install nvidia 195.* driver on Lucid

Some lucid kernels loads kernel module fbcon on start up, causing custom nvidia driver installation to error out. Following excerpts from ubuntu forum prevents fbcon from being loaded on startup, allowing user to install custom nvidia driver successfully:

Re: Cannot install NVIDIA 195.x drivers - installer crashes
found this and fixed most of my problems.. now I have static on one tuner though..
New Steps:

Startup your system and either get to a console from the GRUB menu or boot to Ubuntu in low graphics mode and open a terminal once it's up. Once up, type the following command

sudo pico /etc/default/grub

Once inside of the file, search for this line

right before the last ", put vmalloc=256M, so that the line looks like:
GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash vmalloc=256M"

Then, hit CTRL+O and ENTER, and then CTRL+X. This will bring you back to the terminal. At this point, we need the startup system to reconfigure itself, so we type the following command
sudo update-grub

Now, reboot the system

**NOTICE** If this doesn't work, try putting 192M instead of 256M. This has been reported to help as well.


Error: Gazebo dies on boot with ogre singleton error

gazebo: ../../../OgreMain/include/OgreSingleton.h:66: Ogre::Singleton<T>::Singleton() [with T = Ogre::TerrainPageSourceListenerManager]: Assertion `!ms_Singleton' failed.


Error: Gazebo dies when resizing GUI window


Error: failed to allocate semaphore, permission denied.

Note: this should not happen anymore <<Ticket(ros-pkg,3982)>>


sudo ipcs -s | tail -n+4 | cut -f2 -d' ' | sudo xargs -n1 ipcrm -s

Error: Gazebo segmentation fault


Error: Gazebo Compile Error


Error: Gazebo Dependency Ogre Runtime Error



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