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Users are highly discouraged from using the documentation and tutorials for Gazebo on this page. Gazebo is now a stand alone project at gazebosim.org. See documentation there, thanks!

NOTE; These tutorials are for gazebo with ROS. If you use gazebo directly without ROS, go to the tutorials under gazebosim.org.

Introductory Tutorials

Go through these first to learn the basics of using Gazebo.

  1. Installing and Starting Gazebo

    How to get Gazebo up and running.

  2. Creating and Spawning Custom URDF Objects in Simulation

    Creating and Spawning Custom URDF objects in simulation

  3. Gazebo ROS API for C-Turtle

    Gazebo ROS API for C-Turtle. Manipulate and interact with simulation and simulated objects.

  4. Simulate a Spinning Top

    Simulate a Spinning Top

  5. Gazebo Plugin Intro

    A basic tutorial that shows users how to create a gazebo plugin.

  6. Create a Gazebo Plugin that Talks to ROS

Examples and Reference

  1. Create a Gazebo Plugin that Talks to ROS

  2. 3D Willow Garage Map

    Example 3D world generated from the Willow Garage map.

  3. Erratic Simulation

    Simulating differential drive Erratic robot in 3D simulator and drive it around using ROS.

  4. Running Simulator Headless

    Running simulation without a graphics card or GLX support.

  5. List of Materials

    This page simply lists the available materials in Gazebo.

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