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Errors when running stageros

Error: Segmentation fault

There may be two different types of problems with stage when using certain graphics drivers. The patches below may help some users with certain graphics cards (non-nVidia).

Problems with stageros

Edit src/stageros.cpp with this change:

<     this->world = new Stg::WorldGui(200, 200, "Stage (ROS)");
>     this->world = new Stg::WorldGui(800, 700, "Stage (ROS)");

and then (ros)make. You need to mv/rm ROS_NOBUILD for the make process to actually do something.

There may be a more elegant way to do this, see <<Ticket(ros-pkg 4462)>>.

Problems with Stage

On machines with certain graphics cards and certain drivers, rosstage will die on startup with a Segmentation fault (SIGSEGV). In this case, gdb shows an error inside a gl routine. Some information, including a possible workaround:

This problem will hopefully go away with a future upgrade of the underlying Stage library, which has significantly re-written graphics infrastructure.

2024-06-08 14:21