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ECHO ONE 3D Ultrasonic Sensor

ROS packages for Toposens 3D Ultrasonic Sensors


Toposens has developed an advanced ultrasonic sensor that uses sound to support robust, low-cost, and precise short-range 3D vision for emerging technologies. Toposens sensors use echolocation to generate robust, real-time 3D echo location data to guide autonomous systems across a variety of applications. The performance of ultrasonic sensors is particularly robust in harsh environments, as they are extremely dirt tolerant and their reliability is not affected by dust, smoke, mist or similar.

Supported Device

These packages support the ECHO ONE ultrasonic sensor by Toposens.


  1. Getting Started with ECHO ONE

    Using the Toposens stack to connect to and display data from Toposens 3D ultrasonic sensors

Report a Bug

Use the issue tracker in the Gitlab repository to report bugs, submit feature requests, or ask questions:

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