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Currently bundles in a single msi installer:

  • vcstools
  • rosinstall
  • wstool
  • rospkg
  • catkin_pkg
  • win_ros


The rosinstall installation is based around a 32 bit version of python (x86). This must be the case even for win64 as many python modules do not yet have 64 bit versions. This is not a big issue, so don't worry.

/!\ If upgrading from win_ros for fuerte, first uninstall vcstools, rosinstall and rospkg.


Finally, add C:\Python27\ and C:\Python27\Scripts to your PATH variable if not already present.

Win_Ros Python Build Tools:



You shouldn't need to use these directly as they are support modules only.


Options are identical to that for wstool. An example one liner:

> wstool init src https://raw.github.com/ros-windows/win_ros/groovy-devel/msvc_unstable.rosinstall

An example of repeated use:

> mkdir src
> cd src
> wstool init .
> wstool set catkin --git https://github.com/yujinrobot/catkin.git
> wstool set genmsg --git git://github.com/ros/genmsg.git
> wstool set gencpp --git git://github.com/ros/gencpp.git
> wstool set genpy --git git://github.com/ros/genpy.git
> wstool update catkin
> wstool update genmsg
> wstool update gencpp
> wstool update genpy

/!\ Note that we don't make use of rosws anymore.


The win_ros module provides a few convenience scripts, currently winros_init_workspace, winros_init_build and winros_make. They are mostly just simple wrappers around cmake and catkin functionality tailored for windows. If you want to know more in detail about the build process, the python sources are fairly self explanatory.

Refer to the instructions in win_rosinstall.

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