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Work Areas

Current development is for groovy. The main areas of development which could use work include:

And anything else you can think of that would make your life easier. Some specific comments follow.


Stack Porting

This guide is written for patching existing stacks. It is what we have been using so far to patch the ros stacks in the sdk and is the best way to get your work noticed and committed upstream by the core ros developers. Other items that tend to crop up fairly frequently are usually platform specific to either mingw or msvc.

Msvc Build Environment

We're currently using windows sdk 7.1 and nmake for development. Using express or visual studio would require alot of extreme hacking in cmake and python (catkin). If someone has an itch, it can be done - we've experimentally had it working before, but it is not a priority as it doesn't provide any real advantage over nmake (note that this has nothing to do with building visual studio projects on top of the sdk - we're only talking about building the sdk here).

Msvc Runtime Enviroment

Currently on the agenda are a couple of things:

Msvc Installers

Currently don't really have a solution! We have a few build scripts that create msi's or zips for ros dependencies or the sdk in win_ros, but nothing that tracks and installs dependencies like ubuntu's apt-get. Its a real shortcoming.

Mingw Environment

We have disabled it for now, since we aren't using it currently. But it would take little effort with the new catkin to re-enable it. If you have an itch, scratch it.

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