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This is for people who want to:

If you just want to build your program in the usual visual studio way, you should use the sdk directly.


/!\ This is a 32 bit build only!

Yes...we're working on a 64 bit build method.


  • Version Control Software

    • slik svn : command line client for subversion.

    • msysgit : use latest and select 'Run git and unix tools from windows command prompt'

    • mercurial : latest version should do.


You should have done this when installing python and rosinstall, but just to check:

Also, if you've installed other than boost_1_44 or installed to a custom directory, be prepared to accomodate changes as marked below.

Quick Build

If you have all the dependencies above, there is a script that can be used to build the debug/release versions of the sdk in place.

> wget --no-check-certificate https://raw.github.com/stonier/win_ros/electric/win_sdk/scripts/schebang.bat

As usual, before executing some stranger's script, HAVE A LOOK INSIDE! The script downloads a known working set around ros, ros_comm, rosbuild2 and win_ros for electric and uses rosbuild2 to compile/install to the ros-sdk directory. Once you're satisfied, execute it in place. If nothing went wrong, you'll find a few important directories:

ros-sdk : the location of the final debug/release binaries.
build : the temporary rosbuild2 parallel build directory.
src : the sources.
src/setup.bat : convenient environment script.


For starters, the roscpp_tutorials binaries are good to test your system on.

> cd src
> setup.bat # set ROS_MASTER_URI, ROS_IP in here before running
> cd ..\build\debug
> env.bat   # sets up rosbuild2 search paths
> cd bin
> talker

Your Own Development

Build Rules

Use the schebang script to customise your own scripts - adding source trees, compile options. It's an awful lot easier than doing everything by hand.

New Packages

If you use your own source trees and want to create new packages, they will have to be compatible with the new rosbuild2 format. Some notes on making rosbuild2 compatible packages.

Trouble Shooting

After RosInstall

Boost Location

You may need to edit the boost location in src/setup.bat to point to a custom install location.

Compiler Location

Same situation with the compiler (last line of setup.bat). Other options might be for visual studio, also the windows 7.1 sdk, though both of those are still experimental, especially 64 bit versions.



Again, you'll probably need to set -DBOOST_ROOT to point to the correct location to help cmake find it (do this in 'schebang.bat' with a -DBOOST_ROOT in the call to cmake (both debug and release)).

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