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This guide illustrates how to set up your own workspace overlay to build on top of the Msvc SDK.


Make sure you have either an installed SDK or compiled SDK. If you're setting up your overlay for the first time, it is necessary to install the PreRequisites from the compiled SDK to make sure your build environment is in working order.

For the purposes of this guide, we will assume your ros installation is located in C:/opt/ros/hydro/x86.


> mkdir C:/work
> cd C:/work
> winros_init_workspace overlay
> cd C:/work/overlay
> setup.bat
> winros_init_build --underlays="C:/opt/ros/hydro/x86"
> winros_make

At this point, you should have a successfully configured, empty workspace.

Adding Sources

If you have pre-existing ros packages, or want to bring in an official ros repo, you can add them via wstool.

> cd C:/work/overlay/src
> wstool set rocon_msgs --git https://github.com/robotics-in-concert/rocon_msgs
> wstool update rocon_msgs
> cd C:/work/overlay
> winros_make --pre-clean

Creating Packages

Otherwise, add packages of your own:

> cd C:/work/overlay/src
> winros_create_msg_pkg my_msg_pkg
> winros_create_pkg my_cpp_pkg roscpp
> winros_create_pkg my_python_pkg rospy

Note that you can create the above packages directly below src, or embed them below a repo of your own.

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