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Photos and Video Results



See the topological_navigation stack documentation. Info on the graph slam mapper can be found in the graph_mapping stack documentation.

Instructions for reproducing experiments

The code is released against ROS diamondback in the topological_navigation stack. Note that this has some additional improvements beyond the version described in the paper (most notably, the navigation and mapping have been decoupled, so that roadmap waypoints need not coincide with pose graph nodes).

Assuming you have installed the ROS diamondback distro, as well as the rosinstall tool, you can install topological navigation and its dependencies using

$ rosinstall ~/desired-topo-nav-location http://rosinstalls/extensions/topological_navigation-diamondback.rosinstall /opt/ros/diamondback

(this assumes you have the standard Debian install of ROS diamondback in `/opt/ros/diamondback). Then (assuming you're using bash), do

$ cd ~/desired-topo-nav-location
$ . setup.bash
$ rosmake topological_navigation

and verify that everything compiles.

Finally, to bring up the entire system (in the stage simulator):

$ roslaunch topological_roadmap move_base_topo_stage.launch

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