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This package provides information about the PbD dome's kinematic chain and contains launch-files to publish the chain to a robot_state_publisher. Available launchfiles are: dome with real PTU, dome with simulated PTU, dome with real PTU and Flock of Birds magnet tracking system and additional transformation_publisher from guppy-cameras to the kinect cameras mounted above. It also contains the URDF model of the dome for visualization. There is no real program code in this package only an urdf file and launch-files/-scripts. A screenshot of RVIZ shows the visualization and the kinematic chain. The red Box is the Flock of Birds magnet tracking system.




The kinematic chain consists of two major parts: The camera-system (PTU, Guppy-Cameras and Kinect) and the Flock of Birds magnet tracking system (Receiver and Tracker). Colors form the picture above. The fixed reference Frame is in the PTU and is called /ptu_pan_link. There is an identity transformation to /map which is mostly used.

Map to Flock of Birds

Map to Camera

Additional optional TF-Links for kinect

An total overview of the frames:



The TF is published at topic /tf. The visualization is available in the RobotModel.

Needed packages

run depend:

Needed hardware

For simulation nothing is needed. Additional hardware components:

Start system

To launch the kinematic chain as simulation, run

roslauch asr_kinematic_chain_dome dome_mock.launch

To launch the kinematic chain on real hardware, run

roslauch asr_kinematic_chain_dome dome.launch


rosrun asr_kinematic_chain_dome dome_with_fob.sh

to use the Kinect, run one of the commands above and

roslauch asr_kinematic_chain_dome transformation_publishers_for_kinect_left.launch

start rviz and enable the RobotModel for visualization

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