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This package contains launch scripts which start up data acquisition from vision sensors (stereo camera systems and kinect).

Example of a stereo rig with two AVT Guppy cameras and a Microsoft Kinect on top:



The launch system for the stereo cameras is subdivided in a hierarchy with three levels where the more specific launch files call the more generic. This is done to group common parts of monolithic launch files of different stereo systems together.

The launch system of the kinect uses openni_launch and rgbd_launch to process the data and the scripts in launch/image_acquisition_pipelines/kinect are used to call those nodes with the correct parameters.


Needed packages

Stereo camera setup:


Needed software

libdc1394 needs to be installed for the use of stereo cameras

Needed hardware

A vision sensor setup of your choice.

Start system

For stereo cameras:

For the kinect camera:

ROS Nodes

Subscribed Topics

Kinect camera:

This is used only if you want to register an external camera and use the image of that one instead of the internal rgb-camera of the kinect.

Published Topics

Stereo camera:

Kinect camera (important ones only):


If you want to use your own stereo camera setting, you will need to implement your own launch file(s):

  1. If you simply want to use the same rig (with the same cameras) as one of the ones provided, then you only need to add a launch file to the trunk directory (or modify one of the provided launch/yaml/ini files) which includes a launch file in the hierarchy level above and use your own calibration values (see the low level part described in functionality). Check the camera_calibration tutorials on how to get those values and also check the provided launch files for more information on the structure and the used parameters.

  2. In case you want to use your own cameras you will have to add a launch file to the stereo_rigs directory which includes the top level launch file (stereo_rig.launch) and add the parameters accordingly to your setup (compare the provided launch files for the guppy or marlin setup). Then again you can add a low level launch file to the trunk directory containing your camera specific calibration values.

For more information on the image processing parameters and the general functionality check out the image_proc/ stereo_image_proc packages.

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