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This package is used to access the SICK LMS400 laser range-finder. It contains all necessary functionalities to communicate with the sensor via ROS messages.


With this package you can connect to the SICK LMS 400 laserscanner. You can parameterize the scanner with filters, resolution, scan frequency, ... (see 4.3. Parameters). The parametrization can be specified via ROS parameters in a yaml file.

The package creates a connection to the SICK LMS 400 with the wanted parameters and shows/publish the data onto a ROS topic.


You must build the package and parameterize the connection parameters (in a yaml file or in the source code: lms400_node.cpp).

Needed hardware

SICK LMS 400 2D Laserscanner

A SICK lms400 2D Laserscanner is required to use this package.

Start system

rosrun asr_sick_lms_400 asr_sick_lms_400

ROS Nodes

Published Topics

_/laser_scan_ (sensor_msgs/LaserScan.msg)

Includes an array of all scanned points of one iteration, with its distance information.


Connection parameters:

hostname (string)

passwort (string)

port (int)

Filter parameters:

filter (int)

enable_eRIS (int)

mean_filter_parameter (int)

range_filter_parameter_min, range_filter_parameter_max (int)

Lascerscan parameters:

angular_resolution (double)

scanning_frequency (int)

enable_laser (bool)

min_angle, max_angle (int)

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