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Only released in EOL distros:  

binpicking_utils: bin_pose_emulator | bin_pose_msgs

Package Summary

bin_pose_emulator generates random poses of items in the bin.


Generator of random bin poses. It provides /bin_pose service which returns a combination of 3 bin picking points in predefined bin:

  1. Grasp Point

  2. Approach Point

  3. Deapproach point

The Grasp point is the goal pose in predefined Virtual Bin. The Approach point is located at the normal vector given by Grasp Point orientation and the Deapproach point is located right above the Grasp point.

Following video demonstrates the capabilities of bin_pose_emulator in combination with ABB IRB1200 and MoveIt.


This package is part of the binpicking_utils stack, The main repository have been released into ROS Kinetic on Ubuntu, making installation through apt-getor synaptic possible. Other distributions will have build from source.

sudo apt-get install ros-kinetic-binpicking-utils


Bin Pose Emulator uses .yaml config file to parse initial settings. Configure following settings to adopt for your use-case:

Virtual Bin is defined by bin_center_ and bin_size_ parameters, while allowed orientation is set by roll_range, pitch_range and yaw_range.

By default we assume approaching in the Z-axis of tool0 link (roll_default : 0, pitch_default: 3.14, yaw_default: 0). roll_range, pitch_range and yaw_range extend the default orientation into allowed grasp cone range.

Approach distance defines how far in the direction of the normal vector given by the Grasp Point orientation is the location of Approach point.

Deapproach_height configures height of vertical movement when moving away from the Grasp Point.

Example config file is located at the config folder. Change launch file parameter filepath to adopt launch to your custom config file.

bin_center_x: 0.5
bin_center_y: 0
bin_center_z: 0.1

bin_size_x: 0.2
bin_size_y: 0.5
bin_size_z: 0.1

roll_default: 0
pitch_default: 3.14
yaw_default: 0

roll_range: 0.707
pitch_range: 0.707
yaw_range: 0.707

approach_distance: 0.1
deapproach_distance: 0.15


Following launch file loads example config.yaml from package /config directory.

roslaunch bin_pose_emulator bin_pose_emulator

Call ROS service with an Emptry Request:

rosservice call /bin_pose

Service response:

    x: 0.582990474831
    y: 0.132920391803
    Z: 0.110564293991
    x: 0.113430335549
    Y: 0.719053265498
    z: -0.11979722548
    w: 0.675089426741
    x: 0.589268137291
    Y: 0.132789494959
    z: 0.210369854126
    x: 0.113430335549
    y: 0.719052864976
    z: -0.11979722772
    w: 0.675089066083
    x: 0.582990474831
    y: 0.132920391803
    z: 0.260564299953
    x: 0.113430355498
    y: 0.719052804787
    z: -0.11979722254
    w: 0.678952364862


In order to simplify configuration, bin_pose_emulator publishes two messages to bin_pose_visualization topic. Use Marker plugin in RViz to visualize the pose of the virtual bin and the location of the current grasp point. Both Markers are published with base_link as a reference frame.


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