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The carl_bot metapackage contains ROS packages and nodes for CARL (Crowdsourcing for Autonomous Robot Learning). Included packages are carl_bringup, carl_description, carl_dynamixel, carl_interactive_manipulation, carl_phidgets, carl_teleop, and carl_tools. carl_bringup contains launch files for launching CARL's segway base, CARL's sensors, CARL's jaco manipulator, and CARL's robot description model. carl_description contains the robot model in urdf/xacro form, meshes in collada format, and a launch file for visualizing the robot model. The carl_dynamixel package contains nodes for controlling the servo operated joints on carl. The carl_interactive_manipulation package provides an interactive manipulation backend and rviz frontend. The carl_phidgets package contains ROS wrappers for Phidgets IMUs and filters to make use of them. The carl_teleop package contains nodes for joystick and keyboard control of CARL. The carl_tools package contains miscellaneous functionality for CARL, such as sensor calibration.



To install the carl_bot package, you can install from source with the following commands:


The carl_bringup package contains a launch file, carl_bringup.launch, which can be used to start all of CARL's required nodes. Once these nodes are launched, further launch files can be run from the other packages, all of which are documented in their respective wiki pages.


Please send bug reports to the github issue tracker.

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