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Quite often, we need to install/uninstall 3rd party builds from eros into the toolchain or sysroot. This script manages the install prefix by working with the platform configurations installed by the rosplatform script.

Once an install prefix is set, then you'll find you can simply run make, make install and also make uninstall in the relevant 3rd party packages (e.g. eros_boost). These packages have the install/uninstall targets automatically predefined in the makefiles.


To view the current install prefix:


To set the current install prefix:

rosprefix /usr/local

Under the Hood

It uses a currently configured rosplatform configuration (if none are present, it inserts the default vanilla configuration). It parses this looking for the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX variable and does some string substitutions to manage the modification between install prefixes.

It is also automatically modified by rostoolchain and rosplatform scripts whenever a new module is selected to point to the TOOLCHAIN_INSTALL_PREFIX if the variable is defined in rostoolchain.cmake.

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