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Only released in EOL distros:  

iri_segway_rmp: iri_segway_rmp200 | iri_segway_rmp200_odom | iri_segway_rmp400 | iri_segway_rmp400_odom | iri_segway_rmp_msgs

Package Summary

This stack contains ROS drivers for Segway RMP 200 and Segway RMP 400 platforms. These drivers are derivated from iri_ros_core, featuring dynamic reconfigure and diagnostics among other tools.

IRI Lab Robotica drivers are required to be installed:

This stack also contains 3d meshes and URDF files for both platforms, as well as corresponding odometry publisher nodes.



Bug reporting instructions and feedback mail address can be found at IRI Robotics Lab support page


2024-04-20 12:42