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Only released in EOL distros:  

iri_wam: iri_bhand | iri_bhand_description | iri_bhand_simulator | iri_wam_arm_navigation | iri_wam_base | iri_wam_bringup | iri_wam_cartesian_planning | iri_wam_common_msgs | iri_wam_controller | iri_wam_description | iri_wam_dmp_tracker | iri_wam_ik | iri_wam_move_arm | iri_wam_simulator | iri_wam_tcp_ik | iri_wam_tutorial | iri_wam_wrapper

Package Summary

The iri_wam_simulator contain configuration of controllers (pr2_controllers) and Simulated WAM in Gazebo. This package contain the PID configuration of real WAm to simulated WAM and contain the configuration for use the controller for Gazebo. The main launch is wam_sim.launch, and in misc directory you find a wam_sim_4boxes.launch, this is a demo with simulated robot and 4 boxes in the world.


2024-05-18 13:09