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Note: This stack is designed for robots purchased before June 2014. For new robots, see the robotican stack.

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The Lizi- Mobile Robot Platform is designed for indoor and good-weather outdoor operation. The Lizi robot uses skid-steering for maximum maneuverability. The robot is designed to be small and light to be able to operate and navigate indoor and outdoor. The Lizi platform is rugged, light weight, and compact. The robot is equipped with a whole suite of sensors for autonomous navigation. The robot is fully compatible with the ROS (Robot operating system) and can be controlled using ready-made ROS packages. The Lizi robot is specifically designed and programed to work as an individual or to be part of a group of Lizi robots. Following are the robot's detailed specifications:

■ Size: 38 L X 28 W X 22 H cm

■ 4 solid rubber wheels, differential drive.

■ Wheels diameter: 14 cm.

■ 4x50W motors.

■ High resolution encoders (4288 counts per revolution) for closed loop control.

■ Weight: 9.1 Kg (with battery).

■ Battery: 12V SLA 9Ah (Charging socket available on the robot, Charger included).

■ Wireless 802.11N connection.

■ Sensors: GPS, 9 DOF IMU (3 Gyros, 3 Accelerometers, 3 Magnetometers), laser scanner, RGB-D (Kinect like) mounted on pan-tilt system, 3 Ultrasonic Range Finders (URF) mounted on the sides and back of the robot.

■ Fully compatible with the ROS (Robot operating system).

■ Maximum payload: 2 kg.

■ Maximum speed: 3.6 Km/hr.

■ MTBC: 2 Hour.


See individual packages for details


We created a set of tutorials that walk you through using lizi robot, step by step. For a complete list of all Lizi tutorials check out the tutorials page.

Robot Manual

Lizi Manual v1.3

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