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What is modelica_bridge?

modelica_bridge establishes a bridge between `Modelica`, a component-oriented equation-centric modeling language, and ROS. The connection is done via TCP/IP sockets; in ROS, the modelica_bridge provides a node to run the server socket. `ROS_Bridge`, modelica_bridge's companion package in Modelica, contains a block component which runs a client socket connection to ROS. Using TCP/IP sockets allow the messages transmitted between Modelica and ROS with preservation of order and content. The combination of modelica_bridge and ROS_Bridge lets Modelica models and ROS control architectures communicate with each other without any additional internal configurations.

To get a better understanding of the way the bridge works, view the image below, depicting the flow of information between Modelica and ROS.

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Further, the discrete steps taken by the ROS node are shown below:

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System Requirements

modelica_bridge is a ROS package, and so can only be run in Linux; ROS_Bridge similarly can only be run on *nix systems, due to the current method of implementing sockets. Below is a list of Modelica tools and operating systems ROS_Bridge has been tested on:


Here are a few tutorials that explain how to use the modelica_bridge package in detail:



Subscribed Topics

/control_values (modelica_bridge/ModComm)

Published Topics

/model_values (modelica_bridge/ModComm)


port_num_ (int, default: 9091)

update_rate_ (int, default: 20)

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