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A ROS package providing scripts for teleoperation using keyboard, sockets and command line.

The package is compatible with any robot using ROS ecosystem, but is originally implemented for Adept MobileRobots Pioneer and Pioneer-compatible robots (Including Pioneer 2, Pioneer 3, Pioneer LX, AmigoBot, PeopleBot, PatrolBot, PowerBot, Seekur and Seekur Jr.).

In case you have a different robot, please read http://wiki.ros.org/pioneer_teleop#What_if_my_robot_is_not_Pionner-compatible section

Use GitHub to report bugs or submit feature requests. [View active issues]


You need first to get and install pioneer_bringup package


After installing the dependencies, download or clone this repository in your caktin workspace:

cd ~/catkin_ws/src
git clone https://github.com/amineHorseman/pioneer_teleop.git
rosdep install pioneer_teleop

Build your workspace:

{{ cd ~/catkin_ws catkin_make }}}

Now, make sure that python scripts are executable:

cd ~/catkin_ws/src/pioneer_teleop/nodes
sudo chmod +x *.py


In this package, there are 3 teleoperation modes:

Keyboard teleoperation

roslaunch pioneer_teleop keyboard_teleop.launch

This allow you to control the robot motors using keyboard arrows, use + and - to increase or decrease the speed, and s to stop

A different version of keyboard teleoperation is also available using this command:

roslaunch pioneer_teleop discrete_keyboard_teleop.launch

In this case, the robot moves only for a small period of time (1.5 seconds by default) and then stops.

Sockets teleoperation

Controls the robot remotely throught socket commands (especially if you want to move the robot using a web interface via internet/LAN).

roslaunch pionner_teleop socket_teleop.launch

The expected commands are "forward", "backward", "left" or "right"

By default, the script listens to port 50001, and the robot moves only for 1.5 seconds. To change these parameters, you can use extra arguments as mentioned bellow:

roslaunch pionner_teleop socket_teleop.launch _port:=12345 _speed:=0.3 _move_time:=2.0

Command line teleoperation

Useful if you want to move the robot using command line throught a terminal or ssh:

roslaunch pionner_teleop socket_commandline.launch _direction:=forward

The expected commands (_direction argument) are "forward", "backward", "left" or "right"

By default, the robot moves only for 1.5 seconds at 0.2 speed. To change these parameters, you can use extra arguments as mentionned bellow:

roslaunch pionner_teleop socket_teleop.launch _direction:=backward _speed:=0.3 _move_time:=2.0

What if my robot is not Pionner-compatible?

This package is compatible with any robot using ROS as long as:

The velocity commands are published in /cmd_vel topic (see the next section). You modify the .launch scripts to remove the pionner_bringup call, or you execute directly the python scripts located in /nodes folder.

Known issues

Velocity command topic

By default, the scripts publish velocity commands to /cmd_vel topic.

In case your velocity commands topic has a different name, or you are not using Pionner-compatible robots, you will have to remap your velocity topic to /cmd_vel or change the topic name in the python scripts which are located in /nodes folder

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