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PR2 Troubleshooting

After running into the same problems over and over again, it felt like we needed some list of problems that we could reference to remind ourselves of common solutions. This wiki page is meant to hold that list. Please feel free to add any issues you encounter along with their associated solutions to this page.

Poor Localization

IMU Drift

If the robot shakes at all during calibration of the IMU, the IMU will acquire a drift. This will cause the odom_combined frame to drift and hampers effective localization and navigation.

PR2 Systemcheck

See the PR2 Support FAQ for more information.

TF Problems

Out of Date URDF

A URDF that is out-of-date can cause any number of tf problems. Before you start digging around, make sure that your robot has the latest available URDF.

High Load Average

The cause for this is unknown, but often the robots can enter a state where the load average skyrockets.

Motors Halted

As a safety precaution, the system halts all motors when it detects certain error conditions. Information on how to identify and fix these error conditions is available here.

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